Born in Boston, Marilyn Busch is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and has made her mark in TV & film playing seriocomic roles. Real-life experience as a mom of three young boys has given her the patience of a saint, the resilience of a prison guard and the vocabulary of a sailor.


Marilyn's roles range from mouthy fishwives to quirky teachers to loving moms and nosy neighbors, her characters are all laughter & sunshine -- until they burn you with shade.


Marilyn just wrapped a comic supporting role opposite Marlee Matlin in the feature film CODA (2020) directed by Sian Heder for Pathe International.


Airing in April 2020, is the new Apple TV+ limited series DEFENDING JACOB (2020) in which Marilyn played a recurring co-star role for director Morten Tyldum opposite Cherry Jones and Chris Evans.


You can catch her comic turn in Netflix's THE POLKA KING opposite Jenny Slate. Producer David Permut said, “your comic timing and the grounded nature of your performance is simply flawless.”

Now streaming is Showtime's BROTHERHOOD where she played an exhausted mom opposite series regular Kerry O’Malley.

Recent film projects include a gangster thug in the all-female mafia film WISE GALS (2019) and a scared hostage in the 70s heist film VAULT (2019) opposite Theo Rossi.

Marilyn started her career in live theater and comedy, performing for 20 years on the East Coast. Highlights include the world premiere of ONLY IN AMERICA by Aishah Rahman at The National Black Theatre Festival, as well as many world premiere plays and musicals at Providence's Perishable Theater. She performed onstage with Alias Stage, 2nd Story Theater, Brown New Plays Festival, RI International Film Festival Screenplay readings at Trinity Rep, Burbage Theatre Company and the award-winning Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant.


Actress - Singer - Comedienne   Marilyn Busch SAG-AFTRA  Boston-New York

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